Vacation Bible School

Every Summer both young and old at Saint Luke AME VBS discover that God has a purpose and a plan for everyone and that He crafted each of us with His own loving hands.

The class sessions, which are taught by our faithful volunteer members, are developed to include a well-rounded, spiritual experience designed for the intended audience – and we are always looking for volunteers.

Won’t you join us in the month of June in this fun filled two-Weeks through teaching or just participation?

Interested…contact us!

Online Registration Coming in April 2017.

Hands-on Workshops and Classes for
Infants: Under 2 years old
Pre-School: 3-5 years old
Primary: 1st-3rd Grades
Juniors: 4th-6th Grades
Teens: 7th Grade and Up
Young Adults: Age 19-35
Adults: Age 36 and above


Looking Back to VBS 2016

<h1>I’ve Got Talent – Showcasing My Work For Jesus!!</h1>







June 20th


June 21st








June 27th


June 28th

W1 Joyful Noise Music Ensemble!

Participants will continue to learn and practice their musicianship through the playing of the instrument of choice.  This course will review fundamentals of theory and history. This course will introduce students to beginning concepts of music notation and ear training through the use of intervals, scales, triads, seventh chords and their inversions, chord progressions in major and minor keys, and non-harmonic tones including suspensions, appoggiatura, and passing tones. Practical application will include sight-singing, ear training, and keyboard skills. Private instruction in strings, brass, guitar, percussion, piano, voice, or woodwinds. Music from the standard repertoire as well as technical exercises on the instrument. These sessions will assess the level of the participant ability to props directions for a church ensemble.  Children

June 22nd Classes for Preschoolers  through  Adults: Adam & Eve Landscaper developers and gardeners



June 23rd

Classes for Preschoolers  through  Adults: Noah Engineers
June 24th Classes for Preschoolers  through  Adults: Abram Leaders
W2 Cooking Extraordinaire

Join this cooking adventure that is sure to be informative, interactive and delicious! Each adult+child team will prepare two nutritious meals from scratch, while exploring food safety, culinary basics and the use of fresh, local ingredients to create dishes you’ll love.

Adults & Children 3up


W4 Arts&Crafts

Art classes are for everyone and are small so everyone has maximum instructor interaction. Classes are offered in a comfort- table, relaxed atmosphere to encourage discovery and development of creative skills.




Participants will be engaged in STEM-ulating activities that incorporate scientific processes as well as design principles.  Fun and festivities will be mixed with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math activities in these high interest sessions. Children


W5 Dancing for Jesus!

Praise dance classes consist of 4 hours of instruction. It is recommended that all dancers wear comfortable and loose but appropriate clothing. Let us glorify God with our bodies and gifts of dance. Children 4up

June 29th Classes for Preschoolers  through  Adults: Joseph Advisers
June 30th


Classes for Preschoolers  through  Adults: Esther Advocates



Classes for Preschoolers  through  Adults: Tabitha Fashion Designer



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