Children & Youth

We have a heart for the children and youth!

We at Saint Luke are prayerfully designing programs for children and youth, and are welcoming your ideas and inputs for the Whole young person! Call or email us at You are welcome!


This ministry allows children and youth to participate in meaningful praise, worship, education, and outreach through several programs:

  • Vacation Bible School: Annual two-week program of workshops, hands-on activities, interactions and plays, and education.
  • Children and Youth Worship Services: Every 4th Sunday’s and on all special holidays such as Easter, Christmas and MLK Jr. Day, the children and youth of the Church are engaged in age-appropriate activities for their spiritual, physical and mental development.
  • Children’s Day/Promotion Day: Children’s Day is a National Holiday just as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day. The Church takes this opportunity to recognize its students of all ages and military members.
  • Service to Seniors: Trimming hedges, raking the yards, washing windows and planting flowers at the home of elderly members.
  • Annual One Night Youth Revival -“Theme: Stand Up, Step Up, Be Bold For Jesus!”: The guest speaker for this event is a young adult pastor and guest participants include the Music and Art ministries such as a Mime Ministry.
  • Annual Martin Luther King Day Soup Kitchen: YPDers prepare and serve over 150 soup, P& J sandwiches, cornbread muffins, hot chocolate and bottle water at the Town Hall in Eastover, SC to the community.
  • Annual SOUPER BOWL OF CARING: Young people collect donations for the National “SOUPER BOWL OF CARING Outreach Program.
  • Annual Harvest Hope Can Goods Drive: Young people collect and donate can goods for the Harvest Hope Food Bank.
  • The Lancaster District’s annual “personal hygiene items for migrant workers” program.